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asked questions

Q. Is Renewal a kid-friendly spa?

A. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot allow additional guests at this time. We are looking forward to having kids back in the spa soon!

Q. Is the spa wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes! We have wheelchair access through the back of our building.

Q. Does Renewal have WiFi access?

A. Yes! Feel free to ask for the password at your appointment!

Q. Does Renewal accommodate teens, women, and men?

A. Yes, we accept any and all types of clients without any discrimination or judgement!

Q. What forms of payments do you accept?

A. We accept all forms of payment.

Q. Does Renewal have a booking site?

A. Yes! Check us out on vagaro at this link, or use the Book Online feature you can access at the top of the screen! 

Q. Does Renewal have a cancellation Policy? 

A. Yes! "No shows” and cancellations/rescheduled appointments under 24 hours from your scheduled time will automatically incur a 50% fee to cover the loss of income from that appointment. These policies are in place to protect our staff. We appreciate your respect and understanding of this policy.




YUMI Lash Lift FAQs

Q. How long does a lash lift last?

A. Typically up to 8-12 weeks.

  • The lifted lashes don’t uncurl, rather they shed through the natural lash cycle and are replaced by new ones.

  • On average, a lash’s life cycle is about 100 days. This varies from person to person and can also be affected by the season.


Q. When can I get my lashes lifted again?

A. YUMI Lashes suggests waiting at least 8 weeks between each lash lift to ensure the health and integrity of your lashes. Tinting can be reapplied at any point after the lift.


Q. My lashes are already dark/black, will tinting do anything for me?

A. Yes! Even with dark lashes you’ll notice that they are bolder and shinier with the tint. Our lashes tend to taper at the ends, so the tips are so fine that they are difficult to detect or can only be visible in sunlight. With the tint added, the tips will be more visible, thus elongating the look of your lashes.

Q. Can I wear makeup after my lashes are lifted?

A. It’s very important to let your lashes set for the first 48 hours. After this time period, feel free to apply your usual eye makeup and facial products.

Q. Can I get a facial after my lashes are lifted?

A. We would recommend booking your facial appointment at least 48 hours before or after your lash lift appointment. This will ensure that any products used during your facial won't affect your lash lift.


Q. I’m pregnant/ breastfeeding, can I get my lashes lifted?

A. The hormones produced during pregnancy and during breastfeeding can affect your lash lift service in several ways. Sensitivities and allergies that weren't present before could appear during this time. We would highly recommend coming in for a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your lash lift appointment.


  • Pregnancy hormones can also affect how the YUMI products work on the lashes. That means some lashes will only lift slightly or not at all. 


  • Renewal Spa & Beauty Boutique cannot issue refunds for lash lift clients who have been consulted and educated on these concerns and decide to proceed with the service.

Q. Can I get a lash lift if I have sensitive eyes?

A. Sensitivities/ allergic reactions to YUMI Lashes products are rare.  Clients who've had previous reactions to lash/ eyebrow tinting or hair colouring should skip the lash tint step.


  • For any sensitivities/ allergy concerns, we highly recommend scheduling a patch test before booking your lash lift appointment.


Q. I have an eye infection or condition, can I get my lashes lifted?

A. For any eye infection, please wait until your eyes are fully healed before receiving treatment near your eyes. 


  • If you’ve had eye surgery, you must wait at least 6 months before getting a lash lift.


  • For any other conditions, please consult with your physician before scheduling an appointment.





Volume Lash Extension FAQs

Q. Are eyelash extensions a worthy investment?

A. Applying a set of eyelash extensions is a very intricate skill that can only be undertaken by a highly trained and skilled professional. Clients put their absolute trust in their esthetician who works on their delicate eye, using sharp tweezers and strong adhesives. The products used are of the highest medical grade quality and, as such, are expensive to purchase. These lash products are used in large quantities by the esthetician with between 200-600 extensions being applied, depending on the lash service you have. 


  • The individual isolation of every suitable natural lash requires skill and time, with infills and full sets taking anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete. 


  • I have lost a few extensions in the first 24 hours, is this normal?

  • Yes, this is completely normal - the average person loses between 2-5 lashes per eye, per day.


Q. Why have I lost a lot of lashes from one eye only?

A. This is always an obvious indication that the clients sleeps on that side during the night and this puts pressure onto the bonds of the eyelash extensions and can cause them to fall off. Sadly, most clients are adamant that they sleep on their back all night and never move, but this is really not the case. 


Q. Why do my eyes sting a little in the shower?

A. Some clients may be slightly sensitive to a product in the glue called an inhibitor (Hydroquinone) which is present in very tiny amounts. When the extensions get wet for the first time this can leach out of the adhesive and cause a very minor irritation. Throughout cleansing of the lashes, as instructed by your therapist, should ease this irritation. 


Q. I had eyelash extensions before and they lasted nearly 8 weeks whereas these have only lasted 2-3 weeks. Why?

A. Natural lashes form in cycles, therefore a good set of extensions that are applied correctly will last 2-4 weeks. When extensions last longer, it is usually a sign of a poor set with too much adhesive being used and extensions stuck together, which inhibits the natural shedding patterns of eyelashes. A good set of lashes will grow and shed with 2-4 weeks being the average time your lashes will look their best (similar to nails). 

Q. Do I need a break from eyelash extensions to let my natural lash repair and breathe?

A. If you are wearing a good set of eyelash extensions, custom created for you, then you should never need a break and can safely wear them week after week, month after month, year after year. 


Q. Can I pick the lash look I want?

A. Clients can choose their individual look, within reason. However, your esthetician will always explain to you what your natural lashes can safely support. Lash artist's can only work off a platform of natural lashes; some looks are not possible on certain natural lashes. Extensions can only enhance what lashes you have. If you desire an extreme lash effect, then extensions may not be for you.


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